10 Cat Breeds That Are Rare to Find

1. Sokoke

The Sokoke cat is a naturally occurring breed from Kenya. It is known for its unique, wild appearance and spotted coat.

2. American Wirehair

American Wirehairs have a distinctive crimped or wire-like coat, which is a rare genetic mutation.

3. LaPerm

LaPerms have curly coats and a friendly, affectionate nature. They are relatively rare and known for their distinct appearance.

4. Kurilian Bobtail

Kurilian Bobtails come from the Kuril Islands in Russia and are characterized by their short, pom-pom-like tails.

5. Ocicat

Ocicats are a result of breeding Abyssinians, Siamese, and American Shorthairs, creating a breed with a wild appearance and spotted coat.

6. American Curl

American Curls are known for their unique curled-back ears, which are the result of a genetic mutation.

7. Havana Brown

Havana Browns are known for their rich, chocolate-brown coat and distinctive green eyes.

8. Serengeti

Serengeti cats have a striking, wild appearance with a spotted coat and long legs.

9. Chartreux

Chartreux cats are known for their solid blue-gray coat and gentle, affectionate nature.

10. Manx

Manx cats have a genetic mutation that results in a short or absent tail, and they come in various coat colors and patterns.