7 Easy Kids Hairstyles for Little Girls to Wear in 2023

1. Simple Ponytail

A classic and timeless choice. Gather the hair and secure it with an elastic band. You can keep it low or high, depending on your preference.

2. Double Buns

Create two small buns on the sides or top of the head. They can be neat or slightly messy for a playful look.

3. French Braid

Start at the top and braid the hair down the back. French braids are not only stylish but also keep hair neatly in place.

4. Bubble Ponytails

Make a regular ponytail but then add more elastic bands down the length of the ponytail, creating a series of "bubbles."

5. High Bun with a Bow

Gather the hair into a high bun and add a cute hair bow or ribbon for a fashionable touch.

6. Side Twists

Part the hair to the side and twist small sections before securing them with a clip or bobby pins.

7. Half-Up Space Buns

Take the top half of the hair and create two space buns, one on each side of the head.