7 Men’s Trendiest Haircuts and Styles- Formal to STYLISH

1. Classic Taper Cut

The taper cut features shorter sides and back that gradually fade into longer hair on top. It's a timeless, versatile style that works for both formal and casual occasions.

2. Slicked-Back Hair

Achieve a sleek and formal look by combing your hair back with a strong-hold product for a polished appearance. This style is perfect for more formal events.

3. Textured Crop

The textured crop is a low-maintenance, stylish choice. It involves short sides and back with a textured, slightly longer top.

4. Modern Pompadour

The modern pompadour is a stylish and bold choice. It features a high, voluminous top and shorter sides.

5. Quiff

The quiff is a versatile style with a swept-back top and added volume. It can be worn sleek and formal or tousled for a more relaxed look.

6. Disconnected Undercut

This edgy style features shaved sides and a longer, disconnected top. It's a fashion-forward choice that works well for stylish, contemporary settings.

7. Sculpted Waves

For a distinctive and stylish appearance, sculpted waves offer a unique textured look.