8 Chic Bridal Ponytails To Rock At The Wedding

1. Low Textured Ponytail

A low and textured ponytail is a simple yet chic option. Tease the crown for added volume and secure the ponytail with a beautiful ribbon or an elegant hairpin.

2. Side-Swept Ponytail

Create a side-swept ponytail with a deep part. This style can be further enhanced with soft waves or curls for a romantic look.

3. Bubble Ponytail

The bubble ponytail is a trendy and playful style. Multiple sections of hair are tied into small, "bubbled" ponytails down the length, creating a unique and eye-catching look.

4. Braided Ponytail

Incorporate a braid into your ponytail for added texture and detail. A fishtail or Dutch braid along the side or back of the ponytail can be a beautiful addition.

5. Twisted Ponytail

Twist the sections of hair as you secure them into the ponytail for an elegant and slightly undone look. This adds a touch of sophistication to a classic style.

6. Sleek High Ponytail

A high, sleek ponytail is a modern and chic choice. Use a smoothing product to eliminate flyaways, and consider wrapping a strand of hair around the hair tie to conceal it.

7. Boho Ponytail

A boho-inspired ponytail is perfect for a more relaxed wedding. Add braids, loose waves, and floral accents for a natural and bohemian vibe.

8. Ponytail with Accessories

Elevate your ponytail with stylish accessories. Consider incorporating a sparkling hairpin, a tiara, or even a small veil to make your ponytail a standout bridal feature.