8 Fun and Creative Coffee Mug Organization Ideas

1. Hand-lettered Wall Sign with Storage Hooks

A coffee mug holder that hangs on the wall is a perfect way to organize your mugs and keep them within fast reach.

2. Industrial Countertop Mug Organizer

Your industrial kitchen deserves an industrial coffee cup holder as cool as this one. There is plenty of space too so that you can show off your massive coffee mug collection.

3. Wall-mounted Pipes with Mug Hooks and Storage Caddies

These wall-mounted pipes are a great place for you or guests to snatch up a coffee mug and quickly get your caffeine fix.

4. DIY Mug Cubby Shelves

For a unique coffee mug rack, check out this incredible cubby wall shelf. It is distinctive with multiple shapes to support a variety of coffee mugs.

5. Reclaimed Wood Mug Hanger with Rustic Hooks

When you need your coffee cup holder to blend in your farmhouse-style kitchen, this is a lovely way to go.

6. A-frame Mug Shelves

This A-frame coffee mug holder is a bold way to organize all your favorite coffee mugs. It allows them to become a part of the décor rather than be hidden away.

7. Coffee Command Station with Chalkboard Accents

If you have the room in your coffee-making area, then consider adding this attractive wooden wall shelf.

8. Oversized Rustic Wall Rack for Mugs

For those of you with too many coffee mugs to handle, you need this stunning wall rack. It is a coffee mug holder that is straightforward, yet effective for the rustic kitchen.