8 Lush Types of Cedar Trees that are Great for Privacy

1. Eastern Red Cedar

Native to North America, this cedar features dense, dark green foliage and is commonly used for privacy hedges.

2. Western Red Cedar

Western red cedar is native to the Pacific Northwest and has a vibrant green color. It's a popular choice for both ornamental landscaping and privacy screens.

3. White Cedar

White cedar is a classic choice for privacy hedges due to its dense growth, fine foliage, and resistance to deer.

4. Giant Arborvitae

This fast-growing variety can reach impressive heights and is excellent for privacy screens.

5. Emerald Green Arborvitae

With its narrow, compact shape and rich green color, this cedar variety is a popular choice for creating living fences.

6. Deodar Cedar

Deodar cedar is known for its graceful, drooping branches and bluish-green needles. It's an attractive option for creating privacy screens with a unique look.

7. Japanese Cedar

Japanese cedar features soft, feathery foliage and is well-suited for creating a lush, evergreen privacy barrier.

8. Incense Cedar

Incense cedar is a North American native with dark green, fragrant foliage. It can be used for privacy screens in various landscapes.