9 Hairstyles That Can Make You Look Younger

1. Long, lush layers

You don't necessarily have to go shorter to look younger, but it helps to frame the face and provide movement and 'lift

2. Wavy bob

Adding the right layers around the face will accentuate your best features, whether it's your cheekbones or jawline, and styling will be easy with little to no effort

3. Freestyle curls

Stereotype about women over 40 always having to wear their hair short is a complete and utter myth.

4. Tousled, undone waves

Tousled, undone waves offer a relaxed, effortless look with a touch of casual elegance and charm.

5. Loose lob

The lob is a great option for thinner hair textures because the choppy ends and bendy, lightly layered strands give the illusion of easy movement.

6. Voluminous, shiny waves

Cascading curls, give a rich, youthful fullness, and a super shiny finish is always in style, regardless of your age.

7. Angular bob

On the flip side, pin-straight hair can also work on more mature women. You don't even need J.Lo-level confidence to rock an edgy, angular bob

8. Polished pixie

A pixie can shave years off your appearance by bringing out and flattering strong facial features, like the cheekbones and eyes.

9. Piecey pixie

A pixie style is youthful but still put-together, especially when the cut is piecey and the layers can be tousled.