9 Incredible Trees with Pink Flowers that You Should Add to Your Garden

1. Cherry Blossom

Known for their iconic and delicate pink or white blossoms, cherry trees are stunning in the spring.

2. Dogwood

Dogwood trees display pink or white flowers, depending on the variety. They also have striking red berries in the fall.

3. Magnolia

Magnolias come in various species, many of which have large, fragrant pink or purple blooms.

4. Crabapple

Crabapple trees produce pink or red flowers in the spring, often followed by small fruits in the fall.

5. Saucer Magnolia

Saucer magnolias have large, cup-shaped pink or purple flowers that appear in early spring.

6. Kwanzan Cherry

This cherry tree variety is known for its double pink blossoms that create a breathtaking display in the spring.

7. Japanese Flowering Apricot

These trees offer fragrant pink or white flowers in late winter, signaling the arrival of spring.

8. Weeping Cherry

Weeping cherry trees are characterized by their graceful, cascading branches adorned with pink flowers in the spring.

9. Redbud

Redbud trees have delicate pink or purple flowers that emerge directly on their branches before the leaves appear.