Meet the 10 newest dog breeds recognized by the American Kennel Club

1. 2000: Spinone Italiano

Distinguished by a muscular build and thick coat, the Spinone Italiano is an Italian hunting dog with origins dating back to 200 B.C.

2. 2001: Polish lowland sheepdog

With wagging tongues and shaggy coats that frequently cover their eyes, Polish lowland sheepdog are recognizable on sight and surprisingly impervious to shedding.

3. 2003: German pinscher

With a sporty physique and loyal disposition, German pinschers are indeed a human's best friend.

4. 2003: Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever

True to its name, the Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever is a sporting breed with an instinct for luring ducks to the shoreline, making those ducks an easy target for hunters.

5. 2003: Toy fox terrier

Less than a foot tall and perennially enthusiastic, Toy fox terriers burst with personality.

6. 2004: Black Russian terrier

The result is a fiercely protective and dependable search and rescue dog that packs 40% of its body weight in its shaggy head alone.

7. 2004: Glen of Imaal terrier

A gentler alternative to most terriers, the Glen of Imaal terrier manages to be completely adorable despite its wiry coat and workmanlike background.

8. 2004: Neapolitan mastiff

Don't be startled by the Neapolitan mastiff and its formidable size, whereas the droopy chinned purebred is tremendously sweet and loyal at least to its owners.

9. 2006: Plott

With a muscular frame and a smooth, dark coat, this breed is wildly popular among hunters searching for big game. It's also the official state dog of North Carolina.

10. 2006: Tibetan mastiff

As recent as 2013, Tibetan Mastiffs were so sought after among China's elite that just one purebred could fetch up to $200,000.