The Fall Hair Colors We Love

1. Golden Black

When opting for a dark color this season, go for an almost-gold undertone for your hair.

2. Cool Silver

Opting for a silver allover color or just highlights instantly takes you to a new level of cool.

3. Mushroom Blonde

Want to hold on tight to your dark roots, but have a hankering to see what you'd look like as a blonde? Take baby steps with mushroom blonde.

4. Flaming Red

Red hair is having a major moment—fire engine red, Jessica Rabbit orange, and everything in between—are becoming popular again.

5. Bright Colors

Whether you're doing for a full head of neon or pastel colors, or just a stripe here and there, unnatural is the new natural.

6. Creamy Blonde

The milky blend of platinum and blonde is the perfect transitional shade for any bleach-blondes looking to go a bit darker for fall.

7. Bronde

This low-maintenance blend of blonde and brunette colors, is still going strong for fall, mostly because of its magical ability to add warmth to even the most-pale of skin tones instantaneously.

8. Brassy Tones

This yellow is less honey blonde and more Goldilocks, meaning you can put down that purple shampoo and embrace those infamous brassy tones.

9. Dark Hair, Light Ends

Kate Hudson’s dark hair and light ends is the sophisticated, grown-up version of the blonde dip dye you wanted so badly in middle school.

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