Hair Color Trends That Will Define Fall 2023

1. Barbie Blonde

Blonde is usually a color we associate with spring and summer, this year, every season is the perfect season to embrace your inner Barbie and go light.

2. Strawberry Blonde

For those who don't want to go totally blonde, but still want to add some flavor to their look, there's always strawberry shade.

3. Copper

In case you didn't get the memo, copper hair is going to be huge this fall.

4. Nepo Blonde

This high class shade showcases a true clarity of blonde.

5. Two-toned

If you thought going two-toned, especially when it involves bright colors like baby pink or blue, is strictly a spring and summer look, you were mistaken.

6. Cinnamon Swirl

For those who prefer to stick to dark tones this fall, cinnamon swirl takes your average brunette and makes it richer and more luxurious through dimensional browns.

7. Smoky Gray

For those looking for a bolder choice, smoky gray or silver hair can be a striking and trendy option.

8. Ombre or Balayage

These techniques create a natural, gradual transition from your natural hair color to a lighter or more vibrant shade, making them popular choices for fall.