6 Makeup Hacks That Will Simplify Your Beauty Routine

1. 90s Blush Lip

By using a deeper color on the inside of the lip and buffing it out with a brush. “It makes the lips look fuller and bolder.

2. Blush Layering

Davis is a huge fan of layering a cream blush on top of your powder to solidify color and give you that natural-looking flush.

3. Tightlining

Tightlining is the application of eyeliner in the inner and upper rim of the eyes to make the lash and water lines look fuller.

4. Smoky Gray Eyeshadow

Use a soft gray shade rather than classic go-tos brown or black shadow to add definition in a subtle way.

5. Blush Contour

Blush can also be used to sculpt your cheekbones.

6. Foundation Stamps

To get that looks like your skin but better take a blush brush with foundation and stamp product onto the skin to make it look and feel more natural. 

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