8 Sandwich Chains That Use the Highest Quality Ingredients

1. Homegrown

Any sandwich chain with a name like Homegrown is bound to know a thing or two about quality. Indeed, this organic eatery ranks as a standout sandwich chain on the rise, largely for how seriously it takes its ingredients.

2. Mendocino Farms

Another West Coast sandwich chain on the rise, Mendocino Farms is so adherent to quality that the company proudly put the word "farm" in its name.

3. Cousins Maine Lobster

If the particular type of sandwich you're craving comes in a buttery New England split-top roll stuffed with lobster, then you can't do better than Cousins Maine Lobster.

4. Panera Bread

Between its new look, its new subscription program, and the fact that it's on a nationwide expansion tear, Panera Bread is at the forefront of America's better-for-you restaurant chain landscape.

5. Potbelly

From its folksy, rustic decor to its transparent nutrition information, there's lots to find endearing about this place that's known for its wholesome breads and hand-sliced meats.

6. Pret a Manger

All food is freshly made throughout the day, and whatever is left over gets donated to local charities through the chain's own non-profit, The Pret Foundation.

7. Jersey Mike's Subs

All of Jersey Mike's pork comes from family farms in the United States where farmers care deeply about the welfare of their animals, raising them in a safe, nurturing environment.

8. McAlister's Deli

No matter how prolific they become, there's something so quaint and homey about McAlister's Deli, a widespread chain known for sandwiches that are at once hearty and wholesome.