The 6 Healthiest Nuts You Can Eat

1. Walnuts

A 2019 study found that depression scores among people who regularly ate walnuts were 26 percent lower than those on nut-free diets. 

2. Pistachios

These green machines may help keep you lean. That’s because, nut-wise, they’re among the lowest in calories and highest in fiber.

3. Pecans

Among tree nuts, these pie stars contain the lowest in carbs (four grams per ounce compared to 6 for almonds and 9 for cashews).

4. Almonds

Almonds are also rich in vitamin E, a potent antioxidant, and zinc, which has been linked to fertility.

5. Peanuts

A recent study found that the fiber-fat-protein combo in peanuts helped control blood sugar in diabetics.

6. Cashews

Many scientific study have shown that people who eat cashews daily reduced their serum insulin and LDL-C/HDL-C ratio.

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