What To Use Instead Of Parmesan Cheese

When grated over pasta or incorporated into a buttery Parmesan risotto, Parmesan cheese adds the finishing touch of flavor to a dish. This Italian firm cheese has a robust flavor frequently described as nutty. This article, will explore what to use instead of parmesan cheese.

What To Use Instead Of Parmesan Cheese

1. Asiago

Asiago cheese is another famous Italian cheese. It is softer than parmesan and has a delightfully rich, slightly sweeter flavor than parmesan.

Asiago’s robust flavor combines well with most foods prepared with parmesan. In addition, asiago’s soft texture dissolves into a delightfully gooey cheese ideal for blending into sauces, pasta, and risotto.

Most individuals agree that a 1:1 ratio is ideal when substituting Asiago for Parmesan. However, if you are concerned that the flavor will be too intense, start with half and add more slowly.

2. Pecorino Romano

Pecorino Romano is another Italian cheese to search for as a substitute. Pecorino Romano is consistent with parmesan, making it ideal for grating over salads or pasta.

Pecorino Romano is made from sheep’s milk, whereas parmesan is made from cow’s milk. While it shares the same nutty nuances as parmesan, it has a more robust flavor overall. In addition, there is a touch of sourness to it.

To avoid overpowering your recipe, start with half the amount specified. If necessary, add more to achieve the desired flavor.

3. Romano

While Pecorino Romano is produced in Italy, Romano cheese is commonly produced in the United States. This version of the Italian cheese is typically prepared with cow’s milk. This results in a milder flavor overall in comparison to Pecorino Romano.

Even though Romano cheese is a milder version of Italian cheese, it is still stronger than parmesan. It imparts a more pungent and salty flavor. While a touch is sharper, you will still detect a nuttiness comparable to parmesan.

As with Pecorino Romano, begin with half the amount called for in the recipe and add more as preferred.

4. Grana Padano

Grana Padano is an Italian cheese with a lower profile. Grana Padano is aged for at least 9 months, resulting in a flavor profile similar to parmesan. In addition, this firm cheese has the same crumbly texture.

Grana Padano is not a cheese you have on hand when you need a substitute in a pinch. However, this is an excellent option if you are searching for a new cheese with a flavor profile similar to parmesan’s.

In any recipe, substitute Grana Padano for Parmesan in a 1:1 ratio.

5. Piave

Piave is produced from cow’s milk collected in the Italian Dolomites. With a protected Designation of Origin, Piave cheese must originate from this region to be recognized as authentic.

It has the same nutty nuances as parmesan and a fruity aftertaste. Like Grana Padano, you presumably need this cheese on hand. If you’re looking for a fresh take on traditional recipes, consider substituting this alternative for parmesan.

Piave can be substituted for parmesan in a 1:1 ratio.

6. Grated Mozzarella

Whether mozzarella or parmesan is the more popular of the Italian than two cheeses is debatable. Regardless, many individuals rank provolone either first or second.

Mozzarella is much milder than parmesan and other Italian cheeses and different cheeses. It also has a distinct texture distinction from the majority of firm cheeses. Despite these distinctions, mozzarella is an excellent substitute in various dishes.

Mozzarella will provide a rich, creamy, cheesy base for pasta sauces and risottos as it melts gorgeously. In addition, it can be grated over salads and pasta as a finishing touch.

Start by substituting mozzarella for parmesan in a 1:1 ratio. Due to the subtler flavor of mozzarella, you may need to add more cheese and a pinch of salt to achieve the desired flavor.

7. Manchego

It is not only Italy that produces luscious, flavorful cheeses. Manchego is the equivalent to Parmesan in Spain. It is commonly grated on top of salads or added to eggs.

Manchego is similar to parmesan in many respects, but its overall flavor is milder. This makes it a simple substitute that does not overpower other flavors.

Manchego is an excellent substitute for Parmesan cheese due to its milder flavor. It can be used in any dish, grated on top, or incorporated to produce a creamy texture. Start with a 1:1 ratio and increase as necessary.

8. Sapsago

Consider Sap Sago cheese if you’re looking for a low-fat substitute for parmesan. This cheese is produced in Switzerland and is primarily used for grating. This makes it an excellent low-fat substitute for grated parmesan in any dish.

Sap sago, frequently compared to gruyere, has a savory flavor that imparts a Parmesan-like flavor. However, sap sago cheese is quite aromatic. Before incorporating it into a recipe, you should sample it first.

Due to its intense and distinct flavor, commences with about half the amount called for in the recipe. Then, as desired, add more.

9. Cotija

Both Italian and Mexican cuisine are delicious. Each has its own staples and distinctive flavors. Additionally, they each have their delectable cheese!

While Italian cuisine uses Parmesan, Mexican cuisine uses cotija. According to some, cotija is the “Mexican Parmesan.” Although it is utilized similarly to Parmesan cheese, there are notable distinctions.

Cotija is milder and more aromatic than parmesan. It is much saltier as well. In addition, it does not dissolve in the same manner as parmesan. Therefore, when substituting it for parmesan, remember that it will impart a different flavor profile. To substitute cotija for parmesan in dishes that call for grated parmesan as a garnish or in a salad, use a 1:1 ratio.

10. Shredded Cheddar

Although cheddar cheese does not have the same flavor as parmesan, it is a convenient and tasty substitute in a crisis.

While cheddar will give your dish a new flavor profile, grated is simple to use and melts gorgeously! Therefore, it can be used in any recipe that calls for parmesan. You can grate it, place it in a salad, or incorporate it into risotto or pasta.

Use cheddar as a straightforward 1:1 substitute for parmesan.

Vegan alternatives to Parmesan cheese

11. Soy Parmesan

If you enjoy parmesan but cannot consume dairy, search for soy Parmesan. Soy Parmesan is a vegan substitute for Parmesan cheese that is frequently interchangeable.

Soy Parmesan will resemble the salinity of parmesan, but the flavor may not be as robust as that of traditional parmesan. In addition, soy’s texture may alter your dish’s ultimate consistency. This may be especially noticeable when softening cheese.

Use soy Parmesan in a 1:1 ratio or as directed on the container.

12. Nutritional Yeast

If you follow a vegan diet, you likely already know about nutritional yeast’s miraculous properties. This condiment is frequently used instead of cheese in vegan dishes.

While it is not an exact substitute for parmesan, it will add a delicious nutty flavor to any dish and elevate its quality. It cannot serve as a substitute for softened cheese on its own.

However, when combined with a non-dairy milk-based substrate, it creates a sauce resembling cheese. To avoid overpowering a recipe, begin with a small quantity of nutritional yeast and gradually add more until the desired flavor is achieved.

How To Store Paremsan

Parmesan can be preserved in the refrigerator for months. I typically disregard the best-before date and consume food even weeks after it has expired as long as it does not contain mildew. Although parmesan can be preserved, it is typically unnecessary because it lasts so long in the refrigerator.

Parmesan Cheese Goes With…

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  • Lemon & Parmesan
  • Pesto & Parmesan
  • Chicken & Parmesan
  • Tomato & Parmesan
  • Olives & Parmesan
  • Basil & Parmesan
  • Tomato & Parmesan
  • Olives & Parmesan

Alternatives to Parmesan cheese offer a vast array of flavors and applications. Whether you choose a dairy-free alternative, a nut-based substitute, or a different Italian cheese, the culinary journey can be satisfying and sustainable, ensuring that no dish lacks a distinct flavorful touch.

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